Contact Lenses

Dr keener specializes in contact lens fitting and prescribing, and can fit many different types of contact lenses. These contacts can range from single vision to toric(astigmatism correcting) to multifocals, to even colored contacts and they can be disposable or standard lenses.The new Daily Wear Contacts are also an important part of our practice. Dr Keener excels at fitting the more complicated Gas Permeable contact lens patient, as well.

In order to determine the proper contact lenses for you. additional tests are performed as part of the contact lens evaluation. Measuring the curve of the cornea, determining the pupil size, and the tear film layer, are all part of deciding what contact lenses are the very best ones for you. we have a large supply of trial contact lenses in our office,and can usually fit you with contact lenses on the day of your exam!

So if you want to wear contact lenses….from multi-focals, that will allow you to read up close and see distance vision at the same time, or want colored contact lenses to change the color of your eyes, just for fun or special occasions, Dr Keener’s office can take care of your every need!