Here at Dr Keener’s office we offer several promotions inolving glasses and contact lenses!!

For our Glasses patiients, we offer a “frame and lens special”, with both the frame and our lens price combined. It’s a great deal to pay only $129.00 for a 1st or 2nd pair of single vision glasses! And for lined bi-focals…our price ranges from $158-$178 for both the frame and the lenses!! Lastly, for our Progressive, no-line bi-focal lenses your price is only $238.00 for frame and lenses! You could pay twice as much for a pair of progressive lenses, only, elsewhere! What a Deal!!

For our contact lens patients, they also deserve special deals! When you purchase your contact lenses from us, for every box you buy, we will give you an extra contact lens, of your prescription, to go with that box. And after your exam is completed by Dr Keener, we will also provide you with a complimentary box of contact lens solution, of your coice,to take care of your contact lenses. we also have many exciting rebates to offer our patients, to make the cost of your lenses even lower! So thats extra lenses, free contact lens solutions, and money saving rebates, all for you!!