Our Practice

Dr Keener’s Family Vision Care Office is a full service practice with caring, compassionate professionals who are dedicated to helping the Walnut Creek/Bay Area families preserve their precious gift of sight.

Our Optometrist, Dr. Rod Keener, will examine your eyes for both vision and eye health problems, and will correct your blurry vision with glasses and/or contact lenses. Along with the exam, Dr. Keener prides himself on educating you about your eyes and how the eye works. If you wish to be free of eye wear, altogether, we will be happy to co-manage your laser procedure (Lasik), with the University of Berkeley’s Laser Vision Center.

Here at Dr. Keener’s office you can rely on us for all your eye care needs, including eye infections and eye diseases. Dr. Keener has a pharmacological license and is able to prescribe medications to treat infections. We will always refer you to an Opthmologist for further care or observation should the need be there.

From the fitting of a p air of contact lenses, to find the perfect frame for new glasses, to treating a care of viral or bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye), to removing a piece of metal in the eye, Dr. Keener and his office can do it all!

Our new, or previous wear contact lens patients, will be happy to learn that Dr. Keener specializes in the prescribing and fitting of all different contact lenses. Lenses that can correct astigmatism, multifocal contacts that allow patients the ability to read and also have great distance vision, contact lenses that aid with dry eye issues, and all different brands of single vision soft and disposable lenses. We also have colored contact lenses for special occasions and even theatrical lenses that you can have fun with on Halloween. He fits them all and his ultimate goal is to leave you with the crispest vision and healthier eyes.

Dr. Keener also specializes in the fitting of semi-hard, gas permeable contact lenses to be worn for daily wear use, or used in the process of Orthokeratotomy, a procedure in which gas permeable contact lenses are used to flatten the cornea and change the prescription of the patient’s eyes, giving them a result not unlike that of the Lasik procedure – better vision without the full-time use of contact lenses and/or glasses.

Our office has a large variety of fashion frames to choose from and our competent staff will help you choose the best frames and lenses for your lifestyle. It is our goal to have you look fabulous and educate you on what lens options will work best for your daily life activities. There are glasses that can be made for patients who work on a computer for more than 6 hours a day. There are “transition” lenses tat are clear when you are inside and turn into sunglasses when you go outside! Need to reduce the glare of those headlights at night, or those florescent lights that irritate your eyes during the day? There are special coatings that can help with that. Let us help you make your eyes more comfortable all day!

Here at Dr. Keener’s office we offer convenient appointment times, including Thursday evenings and Saturday appointments. Our wonderful staff will be happy to schedule an appointment not only for you but for your entire family as well!

For children, the first exam is recommended at the age of 6 months! Then we would see them on an annual basis. Vision screenings performed at your work or by the school nurse at your children’s school are not the same as the comprehensive eye exam done at our office. We check for eye muscle balance “lazy eye”, glaucoma, and other diseases that have no early warning symptoms but should be treated as soon as possible to avoid any vision loss.

Our ultimate goal, here at Dr. Keener’s office, is to provide you with the most comprehensive eye care possible. And as a part of that care, we encourage you to be an active member of your vision care by asking any questions and concerns you may have. We will always make time to discuss any special needs or concerns that you may have regarding your vision health.

We consider it an honor to serve you and look forward to making your visit here a pleasant, comfortable, and education experience!